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Alan is an Englishman (getting on a bit in years!) with an amazing CV when it comes to both career and living - as well as his interests and hobbies. Having lived on this wonderful planet of ours for many years he'd like to pass on some of his experiences in living and many other aspects of life to anyone interested enough to have a read of them - and see his photographs and videos.

Alan is an engineer, teacher, writer, photographer and traveller.

You may not agree with my thoughts and opinions and that is fine with me. We are all entitled to have our own thoughts and opinions which may well differ from those of other people. I respect that yours may be different to mine and suggest you respect my thoughts and opinions too. There is no point in having a rant, a tantrum, or throwing your toys out of the pram just because you disagree with what I've written as it won't change anything, let alone change the world. All it does is indicate how imature you are, juvenile even, that you can't tolerate people having a different take on life than you. Sadly, there are people around of that ilk, but that is their problem, not mine.

Quite frankly, I don't give a stuff whether you agree with me or not!

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“There is no finer sensations in life that which comes with victory over one’s self. Go forward to a goal of inward achievement, brushing aside all your old internal enemies as you advance”.

Vashni Young - Author (USA) of motivational books.


“To do something well is so worthwhile that to die trying to do it better cannot be foolhardy. It would be a waste of life to do nothing with one's ability, for I feel that life is measured in achievement, not in years alone.”

 Bruce McLaren - Racing Driver


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