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The Long Journey

I was just giving some thought to Emil and Liliana Schmid's 36-year, 478 000 miles journey to some of the most remote, as well as nearby, parts of our planet (see:

When one reads the figures above, the distance driven seems immense for most people and many people may well think how on earth can they afford the cost of fuel for their car.

In actual fact, the journey works out at an average of only 36 miles per day – fewer than many people commute every day to get to work (our school-run is 40 miles per day) and, for many vehicles, only about 1 gallon (UK) of fuel per day. Is that a huge expense? Not for most people who own a car. Some people spend more than that on coffee in Starbucks!

The annual average mileage of their trip, 13 278, is more than many people drive, but not an unreasonable distance to travel in a year. I well remember in about 1990, I bought a Ford Granada Mk IV 2.0i Ghia and travelled 9000 miles in the first 3 months, mainly on the journey to and from my place of work. Similarly, in 2008, I travelled 80 miles per day just to get to and from the office where I worked.

Of course, Emil and Liliana aren't employed and therefore have the time in which to travel which many of us don't have. How wonderful!
As they write on their website "With nostalgia we now look back on the 36 wonderful travel years of our life and are happy to have been able to experience the world in the past 13,149 days when it was still okay (Ed.: Pre-Pandemic). The privilege of being able to feel the great freedom in this form will probably not return so quickly anymore".

How sad it is that our world has changed so much that our freedom is being curtailed so extensively. I just wonder if this is being done deliberately.

I just wonder if we will ever be free to travel again. Maybe it will be an even longer journey back to freedom than the journey taken by Emil and Liliana.


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